Monday, September 26, 2016

Talam Sago - Resepi

Bahan-Bahan : (untuk setiap lapisan)

Lapisan 1 Warna Biru (bunga telang / butterfly pea)
150 g  Sago (pearl sago) warna putih
75ml Santan pekat
50g air (blender dengan bunga telang)
100g gula castor
1/2 teaspoon garam
1 cawan bunga telang

Lapisan 2 Warna Orange (pumpkin)
150 g  Sago (pearl sago) warna putih
75ml Santan pekat
50g air (blender dengan pumpkin)
100g gula castor
1/2 teaspoon garam
1 cawan pumpkin (diblender dengan air)

Lapisan 3 Warna Hijau (daun Pandan)
150 g  Sago (pearl sago) warna putih
75ml Santan pekat
50g air (blender pandan)
100g gula castor
1/2 teaspoon garam
1 cawan daun pandan (disaring dan diambil juice nya)

Kelapa parut (kukus selama 10 minit) campur secubit garam.

1.Cuci sago dan rendam selama 30 minit dan air sama paras dengan sago.
2. Satukan semua bahan.
3. kukus selama 35 minit dalam acuan kukus (8 inci) atau sehingga masak.
4. Ulangi proses yang sama untuk semua lapisan.
5. Setelah sejuk potong kecil-kecil dan salutkan denagn kelapa parut yang telah dikukus.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

YOUCANDUIT - Kursus eUsahawan Kota Kinabalu

attended this campaign yesterday

this campaign is organise by M'sian Government for Malaysians to start making money online through digital platforms.

click HERE for more info.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Larian Pisompuruan - UPKO 2016

I'm not the official photographer for this run, i'm here to support La Familia!

at the starting point

ai ging, teda kasut kau ini ...hehe

first runner to reach finish line



Thank you mr policeman
*tapi sia rasa rasa kan, kalau dia ikut lari, dapat top 10 juga ini... heeee

siok dapat gambar orang yang sporting  :D

yeah  beruang menang!

at the  venue


nountun ladies! congrats

Nountun boyz .. congrats !

and one for the album!!  *with Datuk Wong yang sporting

wah ada jual sayur juga

nah ada juga petai suda kawin, petai bujang sia teda jumpa..ngehhh

ini geng pun ada juga jaga F & B

makan FREE!!! yeahhh!

Kudos to organizer!!

more photos in my facebook album . :)

didnt manage to take more because rushing to airport and jetty to send kids.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Moringa Cake with chocolate chips

Hayden made this.

Kek Moringa

Bahan bahan:

·         250 gram pure butter
·         250 gram tepung gandum
·         1 sudu teh soda
·         1 sudu teh baking powder
·         180 gram gula kaster
·         4 biji telur
·         1/2 cawan susu segar
·         1 cup moringa powder
·         ½ teaspoon green color (optional)
          Chocolate chips 1 cup

   Cara cara:
    Panaskan oven 
    Pukul butter dan gula hingga kembang atau gebu (low speed--high speed)
    Masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji ( Selang seli dengan tepung)   
   Masukkan tepung, soda bicarbonate & baking powder.
   Masukkan Moringa + pewarna hijau
   Masukkan susu segar dan pukul lagi sampai sebati.
   Masukkan chocolate chip

   Masukkan dalam loyang saiz 8-9" yang telah dilapik baking paper atau disapu butter terlebih dahulu.
   Bakar dalam oven yang telah dipanaskan dengan suhu 150C selama 40 minit atau sehingga masak. Angkat dan sejukkan.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Fruit fiesta! from Telupid with love :)

I met my cousin during breakfast at our fav coffee shop one fine day and he was planning to visit his dad (my uncle) in Telupid during merdeka day which is few days ahead. Thinking of fruit season (durian especially)  a sudden word pop-up in my mouth 'ikutt!'  :D :D   i just regret that i didn't take many photos as usual coz the durians invade my hand most of the time. hee..  

here , some of the shots

Happy snap! 4:30pm - first timer selfie stick user. it was raining cats and dogs when we started our journey. 

Very helpful apps, waze. Our destination 179km

Arrived Kundasang at 6:28 pm. Mount Kinabalu, never fail to amaze me. next time singgah yer..

Arrived ranau and had our dinner. We arrived safely at 8:30pm
..and durian eating session starts till midnight. Hoho

Sunrise in Telupid. Cold morning at kebun durian


looking for durians

dog whisperer


first kebun harvest. 

tropical fern along the way or resam in malay

my cousin's kids  Gahtan and Celes

Hayden and dundurok tree 

wefie after breakfast. Thanks Ronnie for being peparing the breakfast.  next breakfast menu is durian lah!

suddently i saw hugeEEE sunflower. The seeds came from Japan.  
I guess this is Mammoth Sunflower

1feet, only the seeds part.  

My uncle's pet. huge fish. Ikan Kalui 

Continue durian session..


woahhhh again


we only met once in a blue moon. my cousin Ronald.

Quality time time with uncle 

on our way back to kk, friendly durian seller.   *stop for a while for record shot..hehe

Thank you uncle Andrew and family for your time, story-telling, lodging, food, fruits, everything!
*Thinking of blogging about uncle's story one day.*  

P/s :  Connie, you're masterchef! Tapi lupa ambil gambar together. next time lah.   Thank you ;)