Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tamu in Kundasang

Well, the tamu here is same like any other tamu in kk area, the only different is the view, and many not local. I think they working somewhere at the kabun-kabun sayur around Kundasang. And you cannot forget this one, you will stuck inside your car because of the tahap-dewa traffic jammed!

*tamu in Kundasang held every Friday.


Friday, April 16, 2010


Hayden, 6 yrs old

No, i didn't ask Hayden to stage this. :D

me. 5 or 6 yrs old

I really like my dress here. My mom jahit.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I dare not to remember

We supposed to have a staff photo session today but end up visiting mortuary room to identify one of our colleague's body. He died on tragic accident in early morning.

Aiyyaaa...what a day to start with.

I never visit mortuary room before and i only can imagine the CSI setting. At first i was ok. But when we reach to mortuary lobby, i feel dizzy. I don't know was it the mixed feeling, or the smell or 'something' that goes into my body (some said la).

Room staff : bah, mari ikut saya.
We (4 of us) : Berapa orang boleh masuk?
Room staff :Semua boleh. Marilah. (friendly staff)

*i was hoping that only 1 or two and wait outside. but since they all want to go, so did i.

We enter a room with lots of cabinet and drawer, just like the office steel cabinets, but this one is larger. Each drawer labeled with particular of the body, name, race, etc.. And i manage to glance the other drawer,labeled Philipino. But didn't read the detail though.

Room staff : Ini kan?

Pointing at the red colour handwriting.

We : *nodded*

He pull the cabinet, and head come out first, inside black big plastic bag. Still with his cotton black jacket(which he always wore in night shif), scar in face, hand, and his neck, few spot blood stain still there. My colleague sempat lagi pull the jacket, to see the body inside.ishh.

I was at the back of one of my colleague, gripping tight his t-shirt. (Which wasn't aware of, until they talked about it later.)

Room staff : ok?

We : mm.

We left from the mortuary room, and i start vomitting. It wasn't that bad at first till we reached office. Lucky someone saw me at washroom.

Forget the vomitting part.

Now you people out there, Don't ever drink and drive.