Saturday, November 29, 2008

Butod Cookies for Weekend ! :)

Butod Cookies

My assistant - as usual
(hidung pun got tepung!)

* the recipe? Find "Biskut Ulat Bulu" Recipe, instead of green let it be natural color, and add chocolate cips.
eiiii ...Takkan ini pun korang mau reject ... ; )

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Retired Man Who Enjoy His Later Life

Mr Blasius

"The Lone Ranger" hehe :)

I met him twice ( in Tenom), staying with his lovely wife . Having two children both are grown up and working in town.

He have successfully passed through the many phases of life, overcome many a hurdle in his long career, seen the ups and downs and so on. Now it's the time to enter a new phase - Retirement. It should mean retiring from work, not life. Like changing from the fast lane to the slower lane where the drive is far more relaxed, scenic and pleasurable. Just like what he did.

His Lovely wife Magaret

...she cooked
very well and unforgettable ( i wish can cooked like her!)

He got more than 5 (or ten) papaya tree

"bagus kamurang ambil ni..sia kasi makan burung ini..."
(err.. what?kasi makan burung?)

Fiesta for wild bird !

Asam Jawa tree..

(first time i saw this huge tree. me & hubby sempat lagi "kuch kuch hota hai" di bawah pokok! lol)

Asam Jawa

He planted corn too

I don't know how big is the area but something.. like 2 bukit yang tinggi?

Guess why he planted this corn?

To feed his ayam kampung....

Pumpkin too- Just for fun he said. :O

"Kamurang ambil la kalau mau.."

(We didn't take it, it was too big, malu lagi, kena bagi free...)

Very subur lagi the pucuk ubi..

hmm.. Pineapple juga! It was so sweet and huge lagi tu!

Jarang jual di kadai, Pisang tembaga.. Green version sadap ni!

Look at this, big kan.. Tapioca ('butter' type)

...and not forgetting their companion...

( i forgot to ask his dog's name la)

A lot more actually, rambutans, vegetables, ubi manis, avocado..which i didn't manage to take picture of it, the camera habis battery la!

By the way, great for homestay kan?

*I wish my later life will be the same, healthy and happy. (if panjang umur la..AMEN)
Anyway, it's just another phase in one's life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love sunset...

* no editing on photo, only add border + name, Canon 400D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fatrick & Agnes

Congrats ! !

(1) Fatrick & Agnes

(2) The Wedding Toast
"semoga dapat anak banyak...banyak..." ;)

(3) Striking Red !

(4) " make me feel like dancing..."

(5) "smile !"

(6) " pheewwitt.."

(7) "Yummy"

(8) The Wedding Toasts

(9) The Happy Bride

(10) ...from the couple

(11) Aramai tii !!!

(12) .....after a few drinks... can sing already lorr

(13) ...manari juga..

(14) The photographer pun enjoy suda !

(Zodee "peace" at the big live screen! )

(15) and the worst after too much of drinking session maka jadila..

"Drunken Balan-Balan"

"OMG !!!! my sisters ! & my brother too! "



*ps: I'm not the official wedding photographer for this wedding, so my picture all cincai-cincai coz too much having fun with other friends & family! :)

btw, u can view their photo at doris blog.