Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tamu Giant Kolombong

Tamu Kolombong - held every Saturday


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Congrats Dato Lee Chong Wei !!

Congrats DLCW! you're still the best!!

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

my new phone is where my hand is

Since i lost my wifi and bluetooth signal from my other phone, my other half gave me new phone with a very or i may say extremely awesome function (or i am so kampungan with new smartphone hah!)

I just love the way it captured picture as good as dslr function.  And since The Pokemon Go released on the 6th August, i must say, i take photos more than i can say. I shoot whatever i see..hehe  yes it rowk baby!  okay, this is some of it, because i love KK

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bali - always in my heart

I just found this pending post in my draft.  Throwback February this year my trip to Bali, I just can't get enough of this place..

"Whosoever offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water; that offering of love, of pure of heart, I accept.” (Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna how to pray in the Bhagavad Gita.)

Visiting bali is like a magical appeal and i don't know how does it happen.

This is my recent trip to Bali, this time with my best photography geek buddy .

Day 1 -18 Feb 2016
Direct flight  KK - Denpasar. Now AA discontinue the route. hmmmm

We arrived in Bali about 9:30pm and had our dinner at Cafe Kechil. Thank you Imp for waiting till midnight. & Thanks Nadia for the treat. *XO*

DAY 2 -19 Feb 2016
Always God first. Our first activity,  morning Mass at Seminari Menengah Roh Kudus Tuka, Badung. ( a Church for this mission school)

*Morning round, finding 'jajan' (Indonesian snack)  or sort of kuih muih for breakfast.
*Drop by at Canggu beach to find some fresh fish.
*On the way home, we saw pig slaughtering process (ya, in the middle of the road!). We've been told that a big festival is around the corner (Kuningan)

Our journey continue to Gua Maria Bunda Karmel, Bedugul, Bali.
..and this is peace...
where there is always something special about this place. 

our next destination restaurant beside the famous Pura Ulun Danu Bratan water temple

too many tourist but i still feel the peace in this place.

Its raining but we manage to drop by at Bedugul market. 

Catching for sunset at our most fav beach, Mengening beach. beautiful as always..

yes. food finally to end the day.

DAY 3 - 20 Feb 2016
Next day to Monkey forest. means a lots of monkeys in here!

Ubud Royal Palace

around Ubud and Bebek Tepi Sawah. 

O yeah.. Tegalalang rice field. Now i witness this view in my very own eye. Breathtaking..

On our way home, YES ! finally i manage to blend in this crowd. How lucky!
*Kuningan festival

& to end our day.. a must visit place, surfing beach in Canggu

DAY 4 - 21 Feb 2016
Attend Sunday Mass at Gereja Santa Theresia Tangeb

View around Desa Cepaka. We stay 2 nights in here. Desa Cepaka homestay. Nice place. Nice food, nice people.


Today we visit Sukawati Art Market Nice place, nice food, cheap local stuff. 

Drop by at Warung Mina to tapau food  for Dewi suprise birthday. hehe gotcha 

DAY 5 - 22 Feb 2016

Next day we went to Nusa Dua. Beautiful beach, wonderful resort.  

Geger beach. One of the beach that i fall in love with.

Next stop : the very famous Kuta Beach.  

DAY 6 - 23 Feb 2016
 Manage to makeover for all these girl for a competition

Stay at Dewi Sinta in Tanah Lot. A good place to end the day.

Day 7 - 24 Feb 2016
Sate Babi seller at Tanah Lot street


DAY 8- 25 Feb 2016

Attend Morning Mass at Catholic Church of Roh Kudus, Babakan, Badung, Bali

Back to KK - home sweet home..

 thank you  Paul, Maria & Made 's  family for your hospitality. Really appreciate it.
& thank you ging.