Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mengejar Matahari-Bali 2014

My first wish when i come to Bali for first time is to have 2nd visits. And this is it, another visit. and hoping many more visits. o yea! 

Okay, lets start from the very beginning of my journey.

This time travel alone. Why? because there is so many because.

5:30pm flight from KK T2. It was awesome sunset during take off  and view above KK, But no electronic device. diabilang. * Thats why I love to pick my seat near window, buli feeling-feeling.

 It was fun in the flight, the co-pilot sang using ukulele during the flight. And the Safety instruction part, catchy.  Well then, I can smell Bali already!

I sit in 2nd last row, and the last row all ladies was so noisy chit chatting. I am lucky to have my earphone and tab device on (with movie in store), and further more, my seat row all empty. After landed, i found out one of them (sit behind me) is ANN OSMAN. Nasib sia tidak pi tumbuk awal-awal. hohoho! *arrived around 9pm in the new huge clean Ngurah Rai Aiport, hampir sesat aku. And my good friend Maria and Paul already waiting.   Love u guys!

First day (Friday) in Bali (actually 2nd day), first and foremost, morning mass at 6am Seminari Menengah Roh Kudus, Tuka Dalung, Bali. (Puji Tuhan!).  Love the church design.

and o..this time, i am being the typical Balinese. I stay with my friend Paul and Maria in Canggu. *I found out that this type of flumeria smells nicer, yang paling wangi. which i argue with Paul in the beginning. 

 dried and those are for sell.
 King James.

Grapes! Punya subur!

Cuci mata at professional surfer's beach in Canggu. 

Pass by sunflower field  in the middle of rice field. Beautifullllllll..
i mean me. erkk!

2nd beach, Pantai Batu Belig. Its a private area/villa but derang pi invade. Very much like Pirate Carribean Death Man's Chest scene.  *the sun killing me !! hot

this cafe is actually under renovation. 100% wood and old stuff  not wasted.

3rd Beach, Peti Tenget beach in Seminyak. No swimming flag.

first time i tasted Sate Babi, one set with nasi impit and sambal pedas yang pastinya sedap!

4th beach, the famous Kuta. Kuta area very much reminded me of my shopaholic sista. Many many shop. macam di Bandung.


and this is Kuta Beach. bulagoi2 nga haro :P

btw, i like this channel.

5th beach, Nusa Dua *this is Bunga. Maria's daughter.

6th beach, private beach i- don't- know- whats- the- name. :D

7th beach, Pandawa Beach (view from top of the hill) *Banyak payung Air Asia. beach dia kali ni.

8th beach, Jimbaran Beach. The winner food this time. Jagung bakar. A very nice sunset, but too tired to set up things, and jagung bakar yang paling manang.

Third Day.

Sunrise in Sanur beach (9th beach) *hehe namaku femos

Breakfast at Mcd. A very huge carving at McDonald's wall.

 back home relaxing and make some cookies. hehe

Fav beach (10th), Mengening Beach. its low tide! yiha!

Dinner at Babi Guling Selingsing. This is original Bali. No tourist, except me. hehe

4th Day (Sunday)

attended Mass at Gereja Katolik Paroki Roh Kudus Babakan, Bali. *this photo after mass ya.

 with Russel and Beatrice

then proceed to Jatiluwih region. Hujan. Asal hujan, datang sini, asal datang sini, hujan. hmm

Marigold farming in Jatiluwih.

 with Maria 

11th beach. Batu Bolong 

The famous Tanah Lot and me. manyyy people. (12th Beach)

Mengejar matahari at Melasti beach. (13th and final for this trip)

Fifth Day

Marigold farming (for offering)

Canggu rice field

along the way in Canggu

Pasar Badung & Erlangga

I love es jeruk. Lunch at Babi Guling Chandra.

manage to sneak in for Spa in A Salon.

 shopping at Bintang supermarket.

dinner at Pak Raden.

Last Day

Shopping last minute in Krisna (nearby airport)

Last pose before saying goodbye.

while waiting for boarding. Nice painting above.

aerial view Nusa Dua.

Mount Agung aeriel view.

What i learn from this trip
*beware of low tide. it change in a second without realizing it !
*jagung bakar is the best
*you can make money selling any kind of flowers.
*wearing mask is a must if riding a motorbike no, not helmet.
*Bali cuisine from Dewi, which is all inside my head.
*Bali is very subur-land

Dear friends in Bali,

My sincere thanks for your kindness for letting me stay at your home when I was in Bali. It was a delight to see a loving family  and enjoy each other's company. I enjoyed everything, the food, environment, conversation, and it was a great pleasure to meet all in the family.

I was so fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. 

Thank you for your kind hospitality. God Bless.


p/s thanks for the photo sharing Made, Paul and Maria.