Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya !

Merah sangat si bunga raya,
Masak lemak si ikan patin,
Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf zahir batin.

*Sunset @Masjid Bandaraya Likas yesterday. Have a nice Raya !


Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr & Mrs Benard

Pigi Inanam makan soto,
My favourite photo !

Are they connected?

Kakak aku bernama Pini,
ini plus ini sama juga ini atau ini !!

* sorry B, teda bahan bah!

Henna Anyone?

Nama buaya Bujang Senang,
Juara renang dapat nombor one,
Kalau ada yang sangat senang,
Henna for raya anyone?
*henna on Vie ~Mrs Eizlan Yusof



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Morning View

Pigi mandi di sungai Pampang,
Sambil mandi tingu sumandak,
Pemandangan pagi di Penampang,
Mau hujan tau-tau tidak!

*morning view @Kg Nosoob

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Gajah takut melihat kucing,
Muka lain, badan pun lain,
kucing bukan sebarang kucing,
pandai posing, jangan main-main!
* stray cat @Seremban

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Have a great weekend!

Anak kuda suka si Doris,
my sunset series...

Bini Adflin cucu si Orow,
ikut contest dapat nombor one,
Looking forward for tomorrow,
Have a great weekend everyone!

* picture taken from belakang rumah!

Okay, Let's learn Pantun


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The pantun is a Malay poetic form. The pantun originated as a traditional oral form of expression. The first examples to be recorded appear in the 15th century in the Malay Annals and the Hikayat Hang Tuah. The most common theme is love.
In its most basic form the pantun consists of a quatrain which employs an abab rhyme scheme. A pantun is traditionally recited according to a fixed rhythm and as a rule of thumb, in order not to deviate from the rhythm, every line should contain between eight and 12 syllables. "The pantun is a four-lined verse consisting of alternating, roughly rhyming lines. The first and second lines sometimes appear completely disconnected in meaning from the third and fourth, but there is almost invariably a link of some sort. Whether it be a mere association of ideas, or of feeling, expressed through assonance or through the faintest nuance of a thought, it is nearly always traceable" (Sim, page 12). The pantun is highly allusive and in order to understand it readers generally need to know the traditional meaning of the symbols the poem employs. An example (followed by a translation by Katharine Sim):

Tanam selasih di tengah padang,
Sudah bertangkai diurung semut,
Kita kasih orang tak sayang,
Halai-balai tempurung hanyut.
<---jiwang juga ya!

I planted sweet-basil in mid-field
Grown, it swarmed with ants,
I loved but am not loved,
I am all confused and helpless.

According to Sim, halai-balai tempurung hanyut literally means "a floating coconut shell at sixes and sevens". Selasih (sweet basil) means "lover", because it rhymes with kekasih. Other frequently recurring symbols are the flower and the bee meaning the girl and her lover, the squirrel (tupai) meaning a seducer, and the water hyacinth (bunga kiambang) meaning love that will not take root. Pantuns often make use of proverbs as well as geographical and historical allusions, for example the following poem by Munshi Abdullah:

Singapura negeri baharu,
Tuan Raffles menjadi raja,
Bunga melur, cempaka biru,
Kembang sekuntum di mulut naga
. <---Wow! bahaya ni!

Singapore is a new country,
Tuan Raffles has become its lord,
Indian jasmine, frangipanni,
Blossoms one flower in the dragon's mouth.

(Translated by Sim, p.40)

This alludes to the foundation of Singapore in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. The last line means a girl who is protected by a powerful man and Sim suggests this may refer to Raffles' wife Olivia.
Sometimes a pantun may consist of a series of interwoven quatrains, in which case it is known as a pantun berkait. This follows the abab rhyme scheme with the second and fourth lines of each stanza becoming the first and third lines of the following stanza. Finally, the first and third lines of the first stanza become the second and fourth lines of the last stanza, usually in reverse order so that the first and last lines of the poem are identical. This form of pantun has exercised the most influence on Western literature where it is known as the pantoum.
According to one Eddin Khoo, a Malaysian artist who is known for how he documents the traditional arts of Malaysia, such as dikir-barat and the art of wayang kulit : " The pantun is one of the most sophisticated achievements of Malaysian cultural life. The pantun was admired by Victor Hugo and Charles Baudelaire. It was recently made famous by the poet John Ashburrey. The pantun has a very strict abab rhyme scheme. The first 2 lines are embellishments; the 3rd contains a message. The pantun contains a community element to it; spontaneous and people even hold pantun championships."
(Eddin Khoo's translation of a pantun that is " banned" from the official pantun catalogs; because the " banned" pantun(s) are erotic. ) Mr. Khoo's English translations of these Malaysian pantun(s) are in the form of English off-rhymes which maintain the 4 line quatraine form and these off-rhymes have a theme to them.

Small house with a door to the sea
House where the fiddlers play
Your fine body; so thin and so free
Where my wild heart wants to stray.

Translated from the recording of the original:

Rumah kecil pintu kalaut
Tampat orang mengasi di olah
Tubo kecil bagai di raut
Besitu tampat hati 'ku jila <--- patutlah :)

Katharine Sim More than a Pantun: Understanding Malay Verse (Times Publishing International, Singapore, 1987 edition)
François-René Daillie La lune et les étoiles: le pantoun malais (Les Belles Lettres, 2000)
Agus R. Sarjono, Eddin Khoo, Sutandji Calzaren Bachri, Poezie uit Maleisie en Indonesie, audiotape of presentation for the Winternachten Festival, Denmark, January, 2005.
[edit] External links
(English) http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Pantun
(English) http://faculty.washington.edu/heer/apantun.pdf
Poetics of the Pantun
USM Pantun Homepage
Kurik Kundi)
Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantun"

* my pantun main hantam saja daaa...I called it, "pantun rojak, Sabah style" :)

Today is Thursday,
Have a nice day!!!


Easiest Pantun

Pantun ada 2,4,8,12 kerat, jadi, semestinya 2 la yang paling senang.

Macam mana buat??

Okay, contohnya mau jawab pantun Antonia ,

Anak kucing berlari-lari,
Anak anjing ikut lari juga,

Sekarang hari-hari makan kari,
Sia rindu mo makan hinava..
<----mau jawab ini

1. Cari ayat pendek untuk jawapan pantun yang dibagi

Contoh : Buat sendiri saja

2. Cara Cari pembayang

cari hujung –Buat sendiri saja (atau huruf 'a' saja pun boleh asal rhythm ngam)

3. Cari perkataan yang belakang dia ‘ja
Contoh : manja

4. Buat ayat dari perkataan ‘manja’ (hantam saja bah!)

Contoh : Kucing bida sangat manja

5. Sambung la truss , jadilah…

Kucing bida sangat manja,
Buat sendiri saja !

hehehe Have a nice day!!



Mari Buat Pantun!

* to relieved your mind after reading newspaper today :)

Buat pantun dari gambar berikut : hehehe sepa tidak tau, ini daun tarap la..

Pantun 2 kerat,

Daun tarap, daun timadang,
Kalau marah, jangan maradang!
* I learned when i was a kid, entah lah sepa yang cipta.
I've just received your pantuns, weii...pantun misti berdasarkan gambar diatas la...hehe
tapi memang pantun korang best la!

Antonia said...
"jam" di sini, "jam" di sana,
mo marah pun teda guna,
inda sabar mo balik rumah,
sia mo tengok cerita oprah

September 18, 2008 12:36 PM

Antonia said...
anak kucing berlari-lari,
anak anjing ikut lari juga,
sekarang hari-hari makan kari,
sia rindu mo makan hinava<---cian

September 18, 2008 12:40 PM
Teena said...
Anak kucing pandai menari
menari tarian si pari pari
okaylah tu makan kari
Jangan saja temper macam kari
Muka cantik muka lawa
Tidak ngam dengan body
Kalau teringin mau makan hinava
minta courier ba sama daddy( Ok ba if you ....) <--ngam, setuju!
September 18, 2008 1:05 PM

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"My Old Dream"

Pigi Kolombong minta 3 set,
ini collection gambar sunset.
* sunset view from 3rd beach, Tanjung Aru

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


1963 Malaysia was formed!


1919 The American Legion is incorporated

1908 General motors is founded.

1915 Haiti becomes US protectorate

1945 Japan surrenders Hong Kong to Britain.

1975 Papua New Guinea gains its independence from Australia

1990 101 year old Sam Ackerman weds 95 year old Eva in New Rochelle NY

Famous Man’s Birthday Today

David Copperfield - Illusionist

B.B. King - Blues guitarist, singer, songwriter

Peter Falk – Actor

Marc Anthony – Singer, songwriter

...and my 'big brother'!!! HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!

If your birthday today, click here!


Monday, September 15, 2008

My Potrait Collection


Tunggu bas di monorail station,
Tidak sabar mau beli bundle,
This is my potrait collection,
"Amanda" the title.
* today is her dad's birthday (my bro-in-law) . Happy Birthday & many happy returns! Ada makan-makan ? hehe

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Kuu....kuk...cari saya..."

"Kuuu......kuk....cari saya...."

Kadai Ngiu Chap ada perampuk,
Tauke soto curi cempedak,
Cian..dia berabis bertapuk,
Samaaa juga kana nampak.
* teka sepa dia? (bukan sia tau!hehe)

Trima kasih

Angelina Jolie mengambil pandan,
Waduh!! tersangat seksi,
Champin juga korang berpantun,
Hantarlah lagi bikin koleksi!

* lucu o pantun Doris, ngaran tasu Libit nga noilaan ngaawi maa! *lol*


Friday, September 12, 2008

My Tapau Today



Pigi Likas on Sunday,
My tapau today!
*Heeee...... yang puasa tu sorry la ye...cobaan...

OK inilah resepi dari nenek kebayan...*lol*


Terung (yang sadap-terung Taiwan) guring dulu
Lada Kering 15 biji
Totamo 4 biji
Belacan –sikit saja, tidak payah pun buli juga
Udang Kering (ditumbuk kasar)
Air asam Jawa – untuk blend+lada kering
Bawang Merah-3 biji yang kecil – (ditumbuk kasar)
Bawang Putih-3 ulas (ditumbuk kasar)
Garam & Ajinomoto

Cara-cara (sinang ja bah , 20-min ja)
1.Lada kering (boiled& buka biji) + tomato + belacan+ asam jawa =blend
2. Panaskan minyak, guring bawang putih+merah sampai wangi
3.Masukkan Lada kering dan campurannya
4.Masukkan Udang Kering
5.Garam & Ajinomoto
6.Goreng sampai keluar minyak (kering) & api sederhana
7.Bila suda keluar minyak, tuang atas terung yang suda diguring awal tadi.
8.Makan sama nasi , yum..yum

*Lada kering kalau telampau banyak kena blend buli simpan dalam fridge tahan juga tu

*( ada 2 jenis, kembang (tidak brapa pedas) & kecut (pedas) ) –pilih yang kembang

*Terung buli tukar sayur Bendi (ngam ka?) tapi rebus sikijap baru putung la..

*Kalau tidak makan udang or belacan, tidak paya taru pun ok juga

*sambal dia ni buli buat kuah Sup Asam Pedas, tapi buka belacan & udang, tukar serai kena blend

*belacan bakar dulu kono supaya wangi.

Slamat mencoba ya adik-adik! :-)


Thursday, September 11, 2008

KK Sunset

From KK with Love!!

Tapau nasi dari D Junction,
Pura-pura fall in Love,
This is my sunset collection,
From KK with Love!!!

* sunset view from 1oth flr Emperial Hotel, Warisan Square


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting juga ni oo!


Dari KK beli puting,
this is interesting!

1. Antara Penumpang dan Pendatang
2. They all not shy aa!
3. The Confluential Appendage

* saja untuk bahan bacaan di hari yang boring la..membaca luaskan pengetahuan daaa ;-)


Name on Wire?


Geeeezzz ... I've got my personalized wirename (keychain) from Cornelius! Thanks!

Kasut buruk dimakan buaya,
Creative juga ya!

* picture not so good, pakai hp camera.
And if you want to order, order from me also can bah!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tidak abis cerita


Pakcik Amat ingin berbini,
Suda berbini kurung di bilik,
tingu newpaper hari ini,
ish..tidak abis-abis cerita politik!

* on Sabah's newspaper today


Friday, September 5, 2008

Am I the only one?


Pasar Pilipin, pasar penjaja,
Kalau berani, pasangla tali,
Hari ini mau pigi kerja,
tukar baju 5 kali!!!!

OMG! Am I the only one? Can't decide what to wear, walaupun almari mau roboh suda, full of baju!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Wedding Planner

…and finally its over..

Back in March this year before fly back to Sydney, My Sister, Kak Ayang (KA) hinted me about Shahrul (her eldest son)’s wedding maybe in August this year. That time, I was busy preparing BB’s (another niece wedding will be on the 8th May 2008. Eeee....Another wedding...

Then later in April she called me to confirm the day will be on the 16th August 2008 a week after their nikah and sanding ceremony at Seremban. My nephew,(Shahrul) currently working in KL and Atty’s are Serembanian. Both are unable to fully commit on organizing their wedding reception in KK.

KA then asked me whether I can check on Maksak hall. I straightly called David, the person-in-charge of Maksak and he advises me to have a look. Together with another sister, Kak Langgou (I have 5 sisters) and her hubby, we inspected both hall, and for us Dewan Perdana is the best idea for 500 guest. Then I forwarded the info to KA. Agreed with it, we then secured the booking by paying RM500 deposit. That’s it. Put that aside, I continue with BB’s wedding.

It was one lovely evening, early May 2008, while having our Kaamatan post mortem dinner at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant, Atty’s, mum called me. Me, still recovering from BB’s wedding and organizing Kaamatan, blur for a while…. But I have to mention it to Atty’s mum of course; everything is going smoothly and nervous waiting for the big day. (liar me! *lol*)

Next day, I begin the whole thing…As for info, both families were not in town and they leave it to me on preparing their wedding reception in KK. However, some important things I have to refer to them on making the decision.

The Wedding Preparation Detail...again…

To make it shorter what I did was:-
*Prepare countdown checklist. (The Wedding Planner book KA send to me earlier on was very much helping)

*Prepare the wedding detail before asking for any quotation. (Actually I have some quotation in hand but not complete). The main important things that need to confirmed, Venue, No of guest, Type of Wedding, Theme, Food (Caterer), Bridal, Pelamin, Entertainer, Photographer, videographer, Florist, invitations, Atty’s family lodging and transportation.

*Then, prepare more detail on the wedding – the cake, thank you gift, band , mc traditional performance, hall decoration, backdrop, reception hall, bridal table brides bouquet, corsages, bridesmaid bouquet, bridal table decoration, stationary, programs, menu card, thank you note, guest registration book, postage , reload, the guest list..and many more!

I then forwarded all this detail to her for approval. (I forgot to mention that the bride and groom are in KL, busy preparing their Nikah and sanding Ceremony at Seremban. So, they decided to give the job vacancy to my sister and forwarded to me. )

After receiving the green light form KA, finaly we have…Venue: Dewan Perdana Maksak
No of Guest: 500
Type of Wedding: Modern + Traditional Malay Wedding, Sabahan Style
Theme Colour : White & Green

Food/ Caterer : SS Catering
Pelamin : BTC Impex
Decoration : SS Decor
Band: err… better not to mentioned. I’ll explain later.
Videographer / Photographer : Charles Video Graphic
Traditional Performance : Era Budaya
Atty’s family lodging : Likas Condotel
Cake : Consfood
Thank You gift : From Nilai
Invitation Card : Supplied by Atty –from KL
Bride & Groom attire: will be from KL

Why I choose this:

Food/ Caterer : SS Catering
*The price
*The “extra gift”
*The food? So far I’ve tested..ok
*The PR @ Senang runding
*Nearby my office, so meeting the tauke wasn’t that painful (car fuel..)

Pelamin : BTC Impex
*and again because of the price
*The design suit our taste (err.. I mean my taste :p)
*Nice staff
*Good offer

Decoration : SS Décor
*Nice design
*Many choice

Band : (err.. better not to mentioned)*Performed before at BB’s wedding and their performance are excellent
*Being guaranteed that the MC is very experienced
*Well known singer

Videographer / Photographer : Charles Video Graphic

*Good price
*Other wedding they did look good at Youtube

Traditional Performer: Era Budaya
*Among the best traditional performer in town (international level)
*My bro-in law family
*And the price was unbelievable. Pre-mega sale price!! *lol*

Atty’s family lodging : Likas Condotel
*Newly renovated
*Nearby Maksak Hall
*Helpful staff
*Free shuttle bus service to KK & iBorneo

*No worry, Nelly will-in charge (Thanks mate!)
*Again, the price

Thank You gift : From Nilai 3

The things that make me “extra” busy on and before the wedding
* Printing & “makeup” on invitation cards
* Sending invitation cards
* Major facelift on Shahrul’s room (It wasn’t that easy especially decision on bed sheet color!) and that was a day before fly to KL
* 2 days before the wedding, fetch Atty’s family from airport and bring them to Monsopiad Cultural Village (the check-in time at the hotel at 2pm)
* Doing the Mercedes car décor
* Handmade Guestbook
* Atty’s makeup (I wake up at 5am especially to makeup myself first!)

I guess some of this little tiny thing can save the cost, so I did it myself. err...By the way, i'm creative too bah! <---- em="">perasan!

Things that make me really ‘sick’ before the wedding

* The pelamin cancelled our booking
* The flower wholesaler not accepted booking from public, the reason-flower supply not enough (You can cut your flower expenses by 50% actually if you can buy from the wholesaler.)
* The MC quit, last minute
* Suddenly the caterer mentioned to add another “service fee” for VIP table.
* The décor called and change the chosen design. The design earlier has been booked by another person. Konon..
* To add another 2 VIP table, 12 hours before the wedding. And the caterer says NO.
* The decision on the placement of the huge projector screen becomes a ‘big deal’ which I nearly disappear 24 hours before the wedding.

...glad these things settled before the big day.

Things that make me “sicker” on the big day

* I’m not expecting the band will arrived late. And they did!
* The band keep arguing that they wanted to perform on stage where the area already fully occupied by the pelamin décor and guest will arrive anytime!
* Not many people showed up, maybe because quite a lot of wedding held on that day
* During merenjis, just imagine the entertainer played hip-hop & rap song! @#$% !!!! The thing is, I‘ve prepared and forwarded the song list, MP3 file and even the lyrics! Erghhhh!!
* The MC mentioned my sister’s title, which no more exist, during merenjis (Which I already explained not to mention about it) then I kena “pelayang “direct from her at the stage! And what make it worse, the guest realize that I kena that painful “pelayang”!! ouch!!!!!
*The song? Hm..for some, it make them zzzzz
* And on controlling my emotion. *sigh*

The things that have cooled me

* The helpfulness of other family members

* The understanding guest

* The traditional performer

* The desert, kuih, coffee (yummy, still thinking about it)

* The Pelamin and décor (agree?)

* The singer’s vocal

* The helpfulness of Dewan Maksak people

* The understanding from Salleh, caterer's tauke

* My beautiful sponsored Baju Kurung!! HEHE

* Not many people showed up, but that may have been a good thing, because the couple (and the whole family too) were able to actually have a conversation with all those that were there.

The person that I must thank to
* KA – for trusting me and thanks for the ‘angpau’

* Shahrul & Atty, – for trusting me.

* Other family member who help me very much direct and indirect (too many to mentioned)

* Kak Langgou & Nanang for sponsoring my green Baju Kurung –I love it so much!

* Nelly – for the cake (special price lagi ) and also your help on that day, ada ripou, ada butod, soira ko matod? Jawab tobpinai! hehe! <--- em="">kena lagi!

* The guests!-Thanks for coming!

The person that I apologize

* KA – sometimes the flight missed the runway also (palis-palis)

* Shahrul & Atty - forced to agree with all my selection (terpaksa la geng, If not lambat settle)

* To those who kena my “pelayang”, direct and indirect sorry la…

* To those yang rasa-rasa kena arah-arah tu, sorry..terpaksa bah

* Those who deal with me (err...I must be fussy kan..)

* MY HUBBY & kids! OMG, I’ve been ignoring them ‘bout 2 weeks since I left to KL and comeback!

Then after the wedding…
* Next day after the wedding, bring Atty’s family to Kundasang (yup, wake up at 5am) Nasib baik with my hubby, ada juga honeymoon sikit-sikit, yai :p!.

* Ada lagi..some of the payment not settle, I settled after the wedding.

* And finally I manage to clean-up my “after tsunami” kitchen! *lol*

Top Secret during the wedding..

* secret shouldn't be told right..? ;-) ada nanti yang nangis!


Lawa baju sia o!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa

Rita is here,
Nora juga,
Ramadhan is here!
Yipee !!Its Food fiesta!