Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope that the coming year

will bring peace, good health
and prosperity to all of you!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009 end my week

It was a busy week. Christmas. Wedding. Family Gathering. and School Reunion.
These two ladies are my classmate in the 90s actually,
request makeover for the school reunion tonight.

Married with two kids. Hot mama kan? ;)

ME?I didn't attend. I'm sorry folk. :(
(ya, ya, with a lot of excuses of course..)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Read This!

I've just found out a report,"No one inhabitan the place" ~~ Guess where? Kg Buayan. Gillaa!

Read this more more info. ..or better join.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another phase of life

Aduiii naa!!! welcome to my blog and terribly sorry for this blog layout. I was playing around with the html thingy and see la what happen. I will fix that later btw. I got to study first very very the much. :)
Today i attended a funeral. My eldest sis's Mom-In-Law who passed away yesterday, aged 85.

Backdated.When i was still in primary school, i used to spend some of my school holiday in my sister's house in Penampang where she stayed next to her MIL house (my niece+nephew called her Nani then i follow-follow la.).
What i can remember is,She rare pigs (in a fence area). She used to have a gardener or somebody in-charge to look after the pigs, the funny part, me plus my nephew+niece like to takeover the bathing time job. We used a hose and sprayed the whole body (from outside the fence of course, because some of them bigger than our size that time). I still can remember the cute pink piggy while taking bath especially the kakangs. And the best part, we were paid end of the month, can't remember how much but we will spend habis all the money to buy king-kong...and we actually buy from her own Kadai Runcit. ;)

She had a very loud and strong voice. (can even beat witney houston..pitching habis-habisan!)

" JANGAN KAMURANG LUMPAT SANA!!!!!!!!!" ...when we're trying our superman skill, lumpat dari dapur, skipped the staircase. budu kan!

"JANGAN KAMU PIGI SANA DAKAT SUNGAI!!!!" ...when we trying to 'cuba-cuba' air sungai kono.

"JANGAN PIGI DAKAT ITU KALABAU!!!!" ..when we try to be friendly kono with that tied buffallo.

"JANGAN KAMU AMBIL ITU RAMBUTAN!!!!!" ....(dalam hati, "so luki juga") that was when we try to climb up the tall rambutan tree. Later, she send over a tonnes of rambutans to the house. (then tarik balik tu dalam hati) :)

"NOMBO NO TOTOK NU!!!????" ....when she was talking to another friend from the her house to the other side of the road, and we were " huh? Nani cakap kutur o." :P Tau-tau Totok means paddy for seedling. hihi...

...and still can remember her malay, pekat-pekat lagi the Tangara slank.

food? what i manage to get some idea was, cha kui (or chakeuh?) Slice it and put inside chicken porridge. ( that time, regarding to her, this is the only food she can eat when shes sick) ...Doiii punya sadap i tell u. And i still did to my own porridge till now. ;) o lots of thing actually, but recalling this make me miss my mum so much.


some of the photos which i manage to take~ using my dear phone.

also played the Dunsai, a type of gong rhythm for funeral

nearby resting place

To Nani's families,

She left before you

A place to prepare
In the shelter
Of our Lord's care
May this bring comfort
In the sorrow you bear

May her soul rest in peace.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My collection

This is my image stored in my hp memory, its a quite number of them, sayang to delete.
Maybe its nice to share.

This was taken during our trip to Labuan in October.
While waiting,I snapped this.
Its a XO liqueur, with Eagle shape bottle. Nice for collection.

Chocolate is a must buy thing when you visit Labuan.
Cheap, coz duty free bah.

more n more chocolate -Labuan

i wonder, what is Sate Berubut? - Labuan

Taken during Inai's birthday.
We were browsing through an old albums and found this.
Cute o.hehe

Someone so nice send us with this rambutan every week
for about 1-2 months to our office.

Taken while i was driving. I like the cloud formation.
But only can managed to snap this using my dear phone.

Hayden's Birthday. He wanted a castle cake. So, here it is.

when someone have a lot of money. ..
Renovation cost about RM 200k to new condo-ready to stayed in,
( cost almost 1mil.)

Taken from 14th floor.
I just want to take that missing screw. :P

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy birthday to my dear sister ROSEleen.

Pagi-pagi makan ikan yu,
jumpa pakistan, malu-malu,
Salam Hepi Bofday to You,
banyak rezeki, panjang umur & sihat selalu

Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm a hobbyist. Especially create ntah apa benda. I think i'm suit for this. But i'm too old to join. ;)

So, spare your little time and visit this.

3rd Hobby Convention,
12th & 13th December,
from 11am - 8pm at CityMall!

more info click> HERE <. .will be there, maybe to kacau the henna booth. See how talented they are. hehehe

Have a nice weekend everyone. ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

HappyBirthday my dear sis!


I was attending to a Korean lady yesterday and we were like "ayam VS itik". So, more hand signal involved. pointing here. pointing there. Terrible i tell you!! ..and i've been gone through this for quite some time now and I CAN'T STAND IT!!!

Another Korean lady, a very up-to-date lady. Every three months, she will go back to Korea and did face lift (which is cheap compare here- according to her la) , shopping. etc..etc.. she just started renovate her million worth of condo (and she got 3 !) Guess what? the interior was exactly the same as one famous Korean tv drama set. And she bought the whole original furniture and props which were used in that drama (sorry, forgot the title la). Shipment was on the way from Korea.

Yup, still about Korean. korean lady. i mean another korean lady. english speaking. Migrated here, humble, friendly, husband used hold a high position in Korean Government ( i korek the story after friend-friend with her la). What i like about her, she will talk about women, women's right, women's and drug..etc..etc..which is very informative and interesting. (She used to be a uni lecturer in Korea). The best thing is..

She gave me this today. A Christmas Gift. Tapi suda buka. ;)

So.... today..... i want to make a resolution. (i seldom bah had one! :P)

Learn foreign Language! I mean enroll classes. and must PASS (konon).


Ok la. SERIUS ni.

hey, i learn Japanese before and got distinction bah. <--masuk bakul . . .

why korean? Got direct flight bah . and the facelift sounds good. ;) :P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



...desperately looking for idea.

"New year is just around the corner and i'm desperately looking for next year's art recipe. "
"This year? No. I didn't submit any. "
" That's mean no more fb'ing."
"and sketch must ready before 31st."
" True or not orr?"
"Can bah if me :P"
"we'll see, we'll see"
"so what la my rough idea?"

"Maybe this. Most probably..."

"apa tu, kapit rambut?"
"ya, can be tranform bah this"
"ya meh?"
"you see arr..i transform"
"wait next year la"

*minum kupi punya pasal.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The reunion i've been waiting for..

Well, pictures tell..;)

Me, Rostiah, Lucy, Mimi,Dita,C. Ummai, C. Norul,Waty,
Nat, Beth (*betapuk ko arr), Suhaila & Sit

wish can see more on her tattoo full version!

Friday, December 4, 2009


A week after Poring, went to Manila with my sisters (+ 1 bro-in-law), you can guess la if ladies what will they do if travel. Brapa sq ft kadai pun diarang tau punya. hehe

we stay here.

view from 31st floor balcony.

Christmas gift? :P pengsan aku!


got ribbon lagi...:P

highly recommended, sadap!

Christmas decor everywhere!

Rockwell area nice place but beware- no photograph arr..

one of best shopping place!

Lat day...while waiting at the airport

..mau kasi habis "filem"


Arrived safely!

Pangako Sayo - Sharon Cuneta