Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Start Organizing-Where to begin

I found this very helpful article. 
Where do I begin?
Stand Up and Move
First you just need to make yourself do it. Stand up, move and start to work. Don’t keep sitting there thinking someone else is going to do it.
Don’t be deceived
Spending hours studying and talking about the best cleaning products or the best ways to clean is not actually cleaning. It is just another excuse to keep you from cleaning.
Keep focused on the job at hand.
Walk into the room that needs to be clean, pick a spot and start doing the next step, which is toss and store. Every item your hand touches needs to be tossed in a trash bag, in a give-away box or placed in the place you are going to store it. It is just that simple.
Clean Room Clockwise
I find it is much easier to clean when I start at one end of the room and work my way around in a circle. (i learned this way when i did my practical in hotel housekeeping, and it works.)
Move from room to room doing this, starting with the areas that are driving you the most crazy.
1. Recruit help if you can. :P
2. Envision what you want a room or area to look like and then proceed to make it look like that.
3. Start small with one little area. It could be a closet, cabinet, table or coffee table. It will amaze you how good you will feel getting just one little area done and how it will invigorate you to do more.
4. DON’T QUITWell explain.
5. Work quickly. This is a job that needs to be done and not a time to walk down memory lane. Looking through vacation pictures and reading every bit of paper you pick up is a no no. Glance at it and toss or store it. Don’t forget that you don’t need 10 pictures of the same pose of a dolphin jumping in the air. It is not a sin to throw out a picture. If you must, keep just one picture or better yet throw them all out and when you want to see a picture of a dolphin in the air go to the library or find one on the Internet.  -betul  betul 
6. When the trash is full, take it outside to the trash can or at least set it outside of the room you are cleaning. This is not the time to recycle. I knew a woman who could have had a clean house but it was literally filthy with a year’s worth of milk cartons, cardboard boxes and newspapers all over the house that she was “one day” going to recycle.
You can recycle, but get your house in order the easiest and fastest way first, just tossing things in the regular trash so you have one less decision to make when you might otherwise be overstressed. Get your priorities straight. There is no use saving the environment for your children if the environment in your house is more dangerous and could be killing them or at the very least making them sick.
7. When your give away box is full, take it to the car so you will be forced to get rid of it immediately.  No woman needs 10 pairs of black pants and 15 eye shadows. No man needs 8 pairs of pliers.  muahahaha !
8. Wipe and clean shelves, drawers and cabinets as you put things away.
9. Keep your eyes on what you have cleaned and not what still needs to get done or you will become discouraged.
10. When you have worked hard, sit back and admire your work with a hot cup of tea or a cold glass of lemonade. You can even have a cookie because think of all the calories you have burned! Pat yourself on the back now and say, “Job well done.” 

“Ideas are funny little things. They don’t work until you do.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Never stop learning.

in view to my previous post. long-time-ago-in-batliham (sort of)

so, yesterday evening i did attend my first Korean class lesson, which is err... not-so-easy. (or my otak berkarat maybe)  what makes the matter worst, i never watch korean movie or i have no idea of any k-pop star names. silly me.
and i feel super duper tired. the class begin 6pm, ends at 9:30pm. it sounds like i'm only at home to sleep. i send my kids to school at 5:40am and direct to office. so, 5:40am-9:30pm, monday, wed & fri, for 3 months. Fantastic. 

Anyways, i need a sets of stationary. Back to school. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Collection

2012 seems a bit passive for me in term of taking pictures and travel.
 But somehow i manage to get some biasa-biasa pic just for fun.

JANUARY - CNY cookies

FEBRUARY - Teluk Villa Sunset

MARCH - flower at Kiram's Village.
APRIL - Yours truly. Taken during Pion's birthday in Mesilau. 

MAY  - Taken during Papar Kaamatan. 

pic from hp, hansel's appointment with dentist

*i can't believe i din't use my dslr for 1 month :P

JULY - Kinabalu peak attempt via Mesilau trail. I fail tho . :(

 AUGUST - Aryan, my nephew's cute son. Taken during bob's wedding.

SEPTEMBER - our family meeting at Gaya Sport

only pukuk gatah pic for SEPTEMBER itupun from my hp camera.

OCTOBER - 1 week old Snowy

DECEMBER- my homemade kuih makmur. nice ni.. (masuk bakul)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank you

first email received ;)

Thank you all for your kind word, smses, gifts.  God Blessed  :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year 2013

*New year hangover*