Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Island Photo Safari, Semporna 16-18 Sept 2011

I know its been ages, but i found out that it might help you next time for your future travel. Just like me, i like to found out how other people did theirs.

Well, this was taken last yearAll Sabahan 16-18 Sept 2011.

Its a very special and adventurous trip to discover  some of Semporna island and also to see a real basic 

human lifestyle. The Island that we've visited, Sibuan, Maiga, Bohey Dulang, Bodgaya, Omadal, Mabul & Gusungan.

Thanks to bro Mus for inviting me to join this awesome trip. See some of his collection HERE 

Okay an introduction about Semporna, HERE.

then my diary..

Arrive in Tawau on 15th September 2012 by Air Asia from KK, 
come early to meet my sister.. actually tumpang tidur her house. hehee *thanks nang*
She introduce me this nice food Indo Cafe II (famous for its Pisang Goreng Cheese)  
and Restoran Warisan Ibu.. nice ehh

that's my sis ;)


Next Day, the team met up at TWU Airpot. and head straight to Semporna town.
Having lunch at Seafest restaurant. Nice ..fresh seafood :)

Sutung guring ..hehe

Ready to go

Our first stop Sibuan Island. I never expect this beauty oo. Mahnnn ko pikirrr this really remind me scene in Pirates of Carribean. But I just not want to mentioned that time *takut lanun ori.. palis2

Kids in Sibuan Island

Divers taking a break


behind scene

i loveeeeeee the color.
btw, Jimmy Omar was on the boat. terlambat turun :D

Kids asking for gula-gula from Lano
Mus (team leader) brief earlier not advisable to give money to this kids. 
He provide all the 'buah tangan' to this kids. 

Some of the modern houses in Sibuan

Me posing with the kids

this is cool! i only play this di bawah kulung :D

Then we proceed to Maiga Island. overnight.

Hunting for sunset, but aren't that lucky. End up shoot this... 
i'm still not sure whether 'kamar kecil' or 'kamar tidur' ....ada boat tied up lagi.

Ladies room. This small house is belongs to orang kampung. and 5 of us squeeze together. ya, in sleepless night.

small room for 'business' .. wonderful view, 
down there got katam and fishes waiting. :P

Sunrise in Maiga Island. beautiful...
i heard recently that this coconut tree no more exist. :(

17 Sept 12, Left Maiga and heading to Bodgaya Island

Sea Gypsy Village in Bodgaya Island. 

A lady with mask on .. hehehe  ..bedak sejuk bah..

Then proceed to Bohey Dulang Island. here, we manage to go up to the peak.
wonderful view.

Bohey Dulang Peak
Bohey Dulang view.. 

Omadal Island
on the way to Mabul, we stop by at Omadal Island.
Low tide..

Then heading to Mabul Island.
huge boat (for me) ignore the butt hahah *sorry bro!

Some of the chalet in Mabul (and we're heading to Scuba Jeff)

so professional kan me.. blur! :D :D

arrive in Mabul, then hunting for sunset...

enjoying the sunset *lalalalala.. :P

without the feet :D

Group photo ;)

enjoy!  hahah no one bother someone said 'jangan gerakkk!' LOL
jangan gerak mean don't move coz he/she on long expose mode.

yours truly :P

i feel dizzy after the long journey to Mabul. arrived in Mabul, take panadol and sleep early. 
But manage to get up 1am and witness the night view and the cold breeze, the ayunan at balcony is all mine.. :P

Sunrise in Mabul

Clear water

again....  :P

no need to get out from room, jinjila view pun cantik suda..

rain is coming! breathtaking view ..

lepaking at ScubaJeff deck..

free time in Mabul, we go tour around the Island, and met Azlina..the cutest girl in Mabul. Adorable. hope she get good education.

short-cut trail  from south to north.

one of the resort's jetty


manage to see some palauh kids with some pancing fishes

Palauh kids

enjoying the view

that boat is their house. Ya, they live 24/7 in that boat.

Palauh girl (sea gypsy)

i've seen this creature last when i was 6 or 7 yrs old in Karambunai beach.

We left Mabul and manage to stop by at this little island. Gusungan Island.

a little island with 5 trees only.

the people.

OMG the STARFISH!!! punya banyakkkkK! :D *sakai

the people

just like the Kadazan woman, Palauh pun begitu..rajinn.. ;) 

Palauh Boy. Original hair . not dye arr..

On the way back to Semporna town, we passed by some of the island, Bum Bum and.. tia tau apa lagi tu

macam kinabalu pula..

and this is our present :P

Nora with cut leg, Felicia got pressie from sea urchin, and me, i did some acrobatic in Bohey Dulang. :D
Thank God we're safe and alive.

A crazy 3 days continuous  shooting like mad. :D  Fun tho' ;)