Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to save during raya :)

Some people like to have everything 'new' during raya. 
But why not this raya you sacrifice a bit...
Making a sofa slipcover is a pretty though job but can be easily done with patience.  
The results will be worth it! 

I've been starring on this sofa for quite some times, just to get the idea on how i'm gonna make it. 
and the budus me, i google 'how' after i've done this. adehh..


this was a second hand sofa (3+2+1) donated from my sister, sayang bah when she said she want to throw away,
err..i mean give away to far-far away kingdom.

*volunteer to adopt this, is one of the way to save oso dat.:P


 The leftover for curtain. one set yo! :D
*ignore the benang2 and tekurang kain. :P
 I'm a first timer ok! :D

How Much i spend?

The kain bunga2 => RM57
The plain stretchable kain cost me => RM20
Thread => RM0.50 X 2 =RM 1
no need zip, i just 'main ikat2'
and no fb for 4 days. hehe


*well, at least can add your budget for more kueh raya ;)