Friday, July 22, 2011

Jatiluwih Paddy Field

jati luwih
Rice field in Jatiluwih. The corner right is the 'Sanggah'

The paddy field scenery in Bali remind me very much of my younger year (i'm not that old tho' :P). Observing how their system goes and built into steep hillsides manually amaze me. In, Bali most of the paddy field have their own 'Sanggah'.Sanggah is a shrine that contains an offering for the God or Goddest (Dewi Shri).

From Wiki:-

Dewi Sri is believed to have dominion over the underworld and the Moon. Thus, Dewi Sri encompasses the whole spectrum of the Mother Goddess- having dominion over birth and Life: she controls rice: the staple food of Indonesians; hence life and wealth or prosperity; most especially rice surpluses for the wealth of kingdoms in Java such as Mataram, Majapahit and Pajajaran; and their inverse: poverty, famine, hunger, disease (to a certain extent) and Death. She is often associated with the rice paddy snake (ular sawah).


*hmm....i'm thinking of Huminodun legend now. ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Yipee I'm free! :P

I've been busy almost half year and after i'm done with the last assignment yesterday i feel so bored.

..and i'm thinking to start a new project.Hopefully not abandon la hor..

this what motivates me ;) nice kan...

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*sia mau buat itu, itu, atau yang itu...:P :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011