Thursday, June 23, 2011

How ah?

I've been playing with DSLR for quite some time and many ask me how to take good photo. (You ask me ‘good photos’, heh? Thats mean my photo good la...hehe.bah, good for kampung-kampung la..)

Actually I have more question than answer to that question. err.. Maybe i take too many types of photo's and confusing my own brain now.

argghhhh..I don't know how to explain la people..where to start?

now..let it be ME.

HOW TO TAKE FLOWER - Best for beginner to practice this;)

1. Get very close to the subject
To draw attention details every flower has to offer.

2. Clear the clutter
The best flower photos usually zero in on a single flower or small group of flowers making them very similar to portraits.

3. Get the right light
Soft morning and evening light work best to capture the delicate textures of petals.

4. Look for ways to complement colors
Look for ways to combine colors that complement
each other.

Flower on flower ~ Purple bougainvillea


The song of Flower

Pink Strawflower


Good Luck!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

UNDUK NGADAU 2011 - Tati Bo Tiza

..and the winner is Bo Tiza ;)





Updated : 2012 , during 2012 Unduk Ngadau Participant registration