Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rinawal Tonggiri



10 slices tenggiri fish (fresh)
1 cup lime juice
4 tbspn dried bambangan seed (bad'ul/bad'uh), grated
5 cm ginger, sliced
6 red chillies, sliced
1 tsp salt
10 shallots, sliced
1/4 Bittergord thinly slice

1.Clean the fish, remove all the bones and entrails. Slice into small pieces.
2.Add in the lime juice and mix well with the fish.
3.Add in the Bambangan fruit seeds (grated)
4.Chillies, ginger,shallots and sliced bittrguord.
5.Leave aside for 10 minutes before serving.

Best served cold.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiba tiba...

...kono i read books.

I've been very much into reading book lately (i wonder why) and very little time to browse the net. And the present book make me 'nosumo'.

Bos : Dolly, what book you read? Novel? < -- kedapatan, mau cepat kasi habis kan..
Me: err..ya bos.
Bos: Don't read novel, all rubbish. Read health book, gardening, cooking..more knowledge.
Me: ya la tu bos..(dalam hati la)

Today, my bos was right. ya, ya it was something like ..errr..sad ending. sort of. eee benci.

...nyway, some of the books i manage to read this week

David Copperfied

The latest book i read, ya...ya classic.

Chronicles of Narnia
the seven series. abis.. tapi tida puas hati

3rd time oredi i read this. siok.

...and now thinking of Diary of Wimpy Kid. hehehe kids book la
ya..coz i wonder why Hansel addicted the books ;)


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