Sunday, June 27, 2010

A blessed union ~ Victor & Nora

Sorry for the late posting. Been busy all the way, my pc buat hal and the list goes on as usual la. . bla..bla..bla.. :D

Well here's the pictures.

Congrats to both of you!

During their engagement day in May 2010.

*love her sari la...

I'm not the official photographer for this wedding, so you know la, my photos all behind the curtain. hehehe

Capturing the moment

*can't go dakat, nanti kana kick si Alvin :)

Henna by Me! hohoho

*official henna artist. :P

shot from far-far away..
well, actually not that far.

Chapel of Sacred Heart, KK

I'm so good what..

*give way to official la.. ;)

Si Chubby, trying her best to sing! :D cute..

Anak si Jod, begusti di church. :D

*giling kapala*

I love this part whenever i do my assignment.

Sempat gambar candid, during the group photo. :D

With my sister, untie & cuz

Nora with her aunts and mum.

After ceremony, heading for tea

ahhhh my fav!

Reception the next day.
*ging ko first guest ka? :D

Shot from far...far away

*too much watching Shrek ni. :P

blurry pic, i wanted to focus that cake bah, but they enterframe!
*sorry ..

Yam sing moment.

Mr & Mrs Victor & my beautiful sisters. *;P

*Chick of the Day*


and finally Photo of The Day...goes to....

Kung fu master!! LOLSSS

*she's gonna kill me!

Marriage is not only a union between two people but also a bonding moment for family and friends as well. Not only had we each gained a new family, we also strengthened our relationship with our own. ;)

Congrats once again to Victor & Nora!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bumi can't win meh?

YOU judge.

*screen captured from Miss Earth Sabah Official Page @facebook on Appey's photo.

No waves but cool sunset

I was craving for sunset since last month, then finally, i set up reminder "misti pigi". :P
*yup together with my best photo hunting buddy. ;)

Usually after the rain, there will be a yellowish sunset & tremendous clouds formation.
*sunset time for this particular day 6:30pm


p/s :urang sedang ambil lukan






6:31pm fast the color change!



*panuh lukan that the baldi ;)

6:40pm - 30sec

6:44pm -123sec

view my flickr page for a better version. ;)

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

All in one

*captured with my dear hp

Somehow it does help me to memorize whats going on around me. ;)

My just-bought printer, malfunctioned, cause me to invest more RMss.
*arent that supposed to be still under warranty? ntahla malas mau bising2. :(

Sunny day @ Menggatal
Cantik ni if ada dslr :)

Our visit to newly open KFC outlet in Inanam. Sampai Hayden tertidur tunggu the food.

It was supposed to be the one of most beautiful sunset i ever captured, but sadly dslr camera habis battery.
*on my way back from Kimanis waterfall

Main bubut punya pasal, Hansel got a deep scar in his hand.
Send to clinic, cleaning+consultation+1 jarum +ubat= bye-bye RMss

Always blocking my view. :D
*Sunrise outing with Nora & Doris

Hayden & Beben during kaamatan in Papar.

ya, ya..i have to beli this to please someone. :P

4am fresh fish hunting
*safma fish market

This is what to expect during kaamatan. Bebaris tunggu toilet available. :P
*terpaksa la.. tandas kg lagi tu hohoho

Not easy being a judge during kaamatan.
and u can't enjoy the show too.

During my henna assignment in Tamparuli.
2 Different pelamin, modern & traditional. But forgot to bring camera. :P

Its not easy to find a very good sun lounger in KK, this is one of them but only suitable to Sabahan people, pindik+tagap. :D

I lovee to eat this (& my kids too), sana kadai inanam

Time to change their cutlery set.
*tidak setimpal dengan harganya.

Paling siok punya meeting, makaaaaanaan saja.
*Soluoi family meeting

Someone gave, from UK . :D
*bikin gemukss sia

I worked in 15storey building, but sometime i have to climb up to 16 floor to proof something. :D
*hohoho don't dare to tipu me.

:P the worst hair color i ever have.
Bertahan only 24hrs.
Now burgundy konon, still, will change to black tomorrow.
Teruk eh! macam *tuuttt*