Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nuluhon Garden

-->I met Edna's mum during one of my wedding assignment back in December, and as normal conversation "How is she? How many kids she have? " then, after long chat, I remember she was saying,"She resigned and settle down to take care of our retreat centre in Kionsom." ( I didn't even ask the place name. Bengong me!) *Easy bah to find Edna's in FB! LOL)I forgot about it until end-february. Okay la, i try SMS her la and hopefully her hp still active. She replied and the most thing i remember "Bawa baju, trus ko pi mintolop sana kulam" :P

Apparently, that remind me of our college life. We were 'kamcing' classmate back then and we have travel almost all the interesting places here, in Sabah. From island to the mountain, discovering great valley in Lahad Datu, down to Kinabatangan river and forest, discover the bird nest harvesting in Gomantong, smell fresh kampung air in Tambunan, then discovering the Murut culture as well as climbing Batu Punggul in Pensiangan. Huuh! i tell u! Awesome!
Kg. Sukau, along Kinabatangan riverBatu Punggul, with another best buddy, Donna & Sundi

Okay,Okay, I'm talking about Nuluhon Garden here..


The Nuluhon Garden Retreat Center is just newly open to public and is ideal for gathering and camp. Just 10 minutes from Inanam town. It has an open deck, private rooms, kitchen, hall etc - all the facilities are perfect.
A beautiful and famous water fall located just 15 minutes by jungle trekking from the center.
Photos below give a small glimpse into the centre and its natural surroundings.


Their original family house, The gathering area is just behind this house.

don't bother the Singapore wording. :D

Edna and daughter. ~ Still maintain lawa...

Psstt.... She was former Inanam Unduk Ngadau and top 7 in State Level. ;)

...and i remember that time she was saying,

"Manyasal saya ikut, punya la panat"

Nah, manyasal ka now? i don't think so! :D

By the way, if you're interested in organizing a gathering / workshop/seminar etc.. do contact

Ms Edna - 016-8468805
Web : www.nuluhongarden.webs.com
Email : nuluhongarden@gmail.com
..also you can find them in Facebook ; )

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcoming the month of May!

snap shot during Kaamatan Nountun 2010, 1 &2 May.

"Permainan teda-teda ni"

*Thanks Julia for tolong take the pic! ;)


and ...GO!!

Tingu baju hijau, tabuang! lol

i think everyone enjoy the show la, ko tingu Ronie (baju grey) katawa barabis ni! LOL

orang kedua lagi tewas! LOL

Orang ketiga tewas!! LOLSSSSS

Ok..capat kamu, bertahan!!

Sampai garisan!!! yehhh numbur 3!!! (kalah oleh budak2 ni) :P

Adaka patut dia buang kami!! LOLSSS

nah.. sampai tebuang bah!

walau macam mana pun, sia masih katawa tingu ni gambar somua!!

Kaamatan is always a memory.

this is why I LOVE KAAMATAN!!!