Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yippe! yesterday was heavy rain in KK. Thank God. I've been lecturing the landscape maintenance the whole week last week about the poor landscape, very, very the teruk. Pity on him actually. Terpaksa bah. But bear in mind, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. :P

"hah? VIETNAM? transfer to VIETNAM?"
"ya, boss is looking for candidate to based there, to train them"Luckily it wasn't me. I wasn't that good to be sent there. *muka sepulu sin*
Better be be good this time round.
Quiet-quiet..so no one notice me. kekekek
...so i continue reading John Lenon autobiography the whole day. hehehe no bos around.

nice one..


i went to Menggatal town on Sunday which remind me a friend of mine from west M'sia, few years back.

"I want to visit Menggatal"
"Just curious"
"It was only a place name my dear. no gatal-gatal there. There is no place for you to menggatal up there, isshh"
..what i did was show her the Menggatal sign. ONLY. hehehe

Menggatal, well pronounce 'Manggatal' by the local, .. haiiyyaa READ HERE la.

The best shop,

hub wearing his billabong cap. bought during our paktoh time. Expensive dat. :P

..and the shop sells pau. and bun. and sedap.

not forgetting, the shop sbala also selling pau. Pau numbur la. heheeh 88.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Henna & Me

I will be stationed today at SESB Karamunsing compound, Flea Market. Apart from pigi manyamak sana, i also will do some henna, upon request at a very minimal charges. Special ni, coz i'm so rajin today. U want to learn also can bah. ;)

ps : Hayden will be selling his toy too! ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love Will Keep Us Alive

:P. I'm so moody these few days, i 'ter'messed up everything with everybody around me. I decided to take a rest...extreme rest. 1 whole day lying in bed, ya. lie-down. I don't mean it but i have too. ..maybe i can read a book kan? hohoho! Sword of Shannara, lagi. or listen to the Eagles the whole day. :D siok bah.

Talking about The Eagles. I'm a fan moti..

I dig this from wikipedia.

The Eagles are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971 by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner.

With five number one singles and six number one albums, the Eagles were one of the most successful recording artists of the 1970s. At the end of the 20th century, two of their albums, Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) and Hotel California, ranked among the 20 best-selling albums in the U.S. according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Hotel California is ranked 37th in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and the band was ranked #75 on the magazine's 2004 list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[1] They also had the best selling album in the U.S. with Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975).

The Eagles broke up in 1980, but reunited in 1994 for Hell Freezes Over, a mix of live and new studio tracks. They have toured intermittently since then, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. In 2007, Eagles released Long Road out of Eden, their first full studio album in 28 years. The next year they launched The Long Road out of Eden Tour in support of the album. The tour continued on into 2009, crossing North America and Europe, and will continue in 2010 with additional North American tour dates.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Whats stored in my phone?

It time to clear up my phone memory when it jammed?hanged? slow? whatever.

some of it..

my new office assistant. Lilia.

Yam ! (guol sina) cool.nice, original taste and color.

cool stuff in my table. (bikin samak-samak :P)

ahhh..my free time in office.
curi-curi belajar masak nasi. :P

i sneak in to this baking class. ;)

nah..baking class. Chef from Indon. previously working in Europe. bla..bla...

Hayden. Sempat lagi katawa sana!

my adopted plants for three weeks.
..long story..

My kampung, jadi tempat pembuangan dan pelupusan sampah. I've got better pic in this actually. Now to whom shud i forward to?

psttt..you will be suprise if i let you know the exact location.

inside 3 errr..maybe 4 mil worth condo. Cantik bai tu chandelier tu..with bronze ceiling.

*sigh* During my auntie's final breath.

on the way from QEH, my big bro belanja makan. the lada gorumon already.

now, be careful ya.

My late auntie's home compound. The flowers are blooming.

my auntie's final resting place.

Friday, March 19, 2010

i miss you

When I first met you
I had no idea that I would ever
Love you the way I do

*dear blog, sometimes i wish we had 48 hours a day to spend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


O rising Sun, so fair and gay,
What are you bringing me, I pray,
Of sorrow or of joy to-day?

You look as if you meant to please,
Reclining in your gorgeous ease
Behind the bare-branched apple-trees.

The world is rich and bright, as though
The pillows where your head is low
Had lit the fields of driven snow.

The hoar-frost on the window turns
Into a wood of giant ferns
Where some great conflagration burns.

And all my children comes again
As lightsome and as free from stain
As those frost-pictures on the pane.

I would that I could mount on high
And meet you, Sun--that you and I
Had to ourselves the whole wide sky.

But here my poor soul has to stay,
So tell me, rising Sun, I pray,
What are you bringing me to-day?

What shall this busy brain have thought,
What shall these hands and feet have wrought,
What sorrows shall the hours have brought,

Before thy brilliant course is run,
Before this new-born day is done,
Before you set, O rising Sun?

Frederick George Scott

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rest in Peace..

Life is but a Stopping Place
Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...
Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the lord