Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to Kiram's Village :)

The long CNY holidays bring us here. Been reading through Donna’s post about it and were so excited. Situated just before the Mount Kinabalu Golf Club entrance, road to Mesilau Resort. Cute wooden cabins, from Onion to Cabbage. (and glad I am a vege lover. :D)

We stayed at Onion room the first day and it was raining on and off. But anyway, I can’t really remember how it feels because I sleep like Princess Dayana! :P,
ya bah
.. 6:30pm and wake-up at 6:00am. I missed our first day sunrise though..

Cabbage Cabin the second night. The Cabbage cabin views are excellent, our bed (main bed) are facing the mountain and if i turn to right side, i can witness the beauty of pine tree silhouette together with stray of lights during sunrise. And slowly see the mountain painted with red sunrise color. I see eagle landed to rest at the pine tree but didn’t manage to captured the scene. Yup, without coming out from the thick blanket. Cantikkkk I tell you!
The compound also planted with variety of flowers, with a lot of bee and butterfly, which i love so much, to practice macro. ;)

Aiseymen, macam di old fashion Mills & Boon story la ba konon. :D. By the way, lucky you I’m strong enough to challenge the cold morning to give you the idea how beautiful it is. (a.k.a sabahan version= kasi dangki2 hehehe)

view from the opposite hill, the white house beside the tower is Phillip Resort,
our gathering during new year

For more info, contact :
Mr. Jamal - 019-8213443
visit their website at

Check more photos at my flickr!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life in me

Buang pi laut la blog kau tu kalau tida kasi update! :P
I didn’t join the Family Reunion meeting today. Sei lorr! Kana marah la sia ni. My house chores not yet finish. Have to lipat kain yang bertimbun from last week outing lagi. Kerja yang sia paling malas buat. Then post photo. Read blog. Check my Fb, check my flickr. Check my bid. Read my just-bought mag @flea market st SESB karamunsing compound. Kadapatan lagi oleh si hub.
”Buat apa la ko tu banyak2? Dirumah pun bertimbun?”
“Murah bah, satu ringgit saja” :P
“Angkat Sendiri”
Tukang jual pun senyum2 kambing tingu sia.
Hehehe I bought 6.
Hohoho so many things to do, so little time. Connection pun sot-sot.

Different story.
I met Dr Phanin (heart specialist at QEH) today, and advise me to take first step on my heartbeat, to see GP, which according to him, it’s abnormal. scare me. What if? palis2!!
“What you eat is very important”
“Cut down oily food, meat, condensed milk “
“no KFC, Mcdonald, Burger King”
“Eat more fruit, vege..”
“Light Exersise”
Which means, I’M GETTING OLD! Err junior old. :P
That’s the half an hour morning lecture from Dr Phanin. Dr Raj belum masuk campur lagi tu.

Different story again.
Last weekend, my sisters and I went to our regular bargain hunting.
(Kak Akis belanja makan, and I just learn that kadai Cina will mark up their food price (double lagi tu) during CNY)
Don’t know how this conversation started.
Me, Kak Langgou & Kak Akis : ..bla..bla..bla..
Trus sampai this conversation.
Kak Langgou : Kalau sia mati, masa funeral, sia mau ada karaoke. Trus sia mau lagu ‘would you know my name..if I saw you in heaven’, tapi sia mau si Martha Ginun yang nyanyi. Nda kisah la kalau dia tua suda time tu. Asal buli nyanyi.
Kak Akis : Kalau sia mati, tujuh hari kamu misti hantar kuih bulan yang sana Manggatal pi Kuburan sia. Misti tau. Sia tau tu.
Kak Langgou: Kau Dol?
Me: Mmmm…kalau sia, masa funeral, semua girl pakai dress putih (to be specific, yg ada bulu2 tu).
Kak Akis : Ala…macam mana mau masak la?
Me: Aik , masa tu ada bah kono kana cater tukang masak.
Kak Akis : o ya kan..
Kak Akis : Buddduh!!
"Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it."
..but watch out what you eat. (kaadii dokutur boh)

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autumn in Nountun

My kampung. Its autumn here ...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

During Beth's Wedding

Ketawa is a must when meeting! :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The past two weeks

what makes me busy..

i have to be more organized in this. Susun this cds ..headache la..
The past two weeks this is my karaja.

27th jan 10-make over for this 2 ladies

29 jan - Attend Beth's wedding.
She look lovely especially with that dress.
Inspired me to make cake decor! ;)
30th Jan- makeover for Su

Hansel keep asking me whether he can join this class -Capoeira.
Held every sunday evening @ 1st Beach Tanjung Aru.

..on sunday Me, hubby & Hayden (dia yang mau ikut) went to pasar and its 4am.
To find nice fish for to make this.Steam Fish requested by Hansel.
Don't know the fish's name in my dialect.
but the fish seller said Ikan Minyak.
Its my late mom fav fish actually and its hard to find too. Furthermore, quite expensive.

Mati kutu dibuatnya.
Beben request me to bake and design her cake in Black & Red.
+ 17 cupcakes.
(But i add white, pink and purple siiiikit. Sorry Ben! ;) )

*3 Tier Chocolate moist with chocolate topping
*17 cupcakes, Vanila + Blueberry+sugarpaste
*2 kg Blueberry cheesecake (diarang si April kasi tapuk & habis sana dapur)

cute kan :P
...i mean the cupcake.

hehehe gulanggou!

Another Gordon.
*Tiramisu + freshcream
*Steam layer cheese cupcake.

...the end of the day i gain weight and tired
..and the 3 glass of wine make the world upside down
and worst..tomorrow is Monday.