Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blackpepper Fish with Pineapple

Makan Luar is quite expensive nowadays. And sometimes the taste you get was far beyond what you pay. Furthermore, you save a lot! So i can buy the little tiny thing, STATIONARY especially. :P

Weekend is the best day to experiment and try all those sadap-sadap food. ;)
For those of you, aiyyaaa jangan malas-malas. Nanti mentua cakap belakang. :P

Nah try this. Very simple bah...
Recipe hantam-hantam.

Once (or twice) a month on Sunday, i will wakeup as early as 4am (hub & Hayden is my great accompany. :D) Yup, just to get fresh fish from our pasar Safma. Whatever fish u want, you get it from here which normal pasar don't (or not enough supply maybe).

So, adik-adik.. this is ikan bilis fillet.

First and foremost cleaned and remove the bone.
How to remove?
Ala...sia tau la kamu malas. Buat saja. Gerenti menantu terbaik ;)

Next, coat the fillet with flour. The trick, use flour Self Raising Flour. For more crispier.
Next guring. Ya, macam guring ikan.

After you finished guring all, buat ini.. the sauce.

Tumis this red onion, garlic and thinly sliced ginger.

Then, sanang ja, add this, secret recipe. (hide this when your mentua come. hehehe)

*prepared your pineapple by slicing and boiled it with tumeric.

Arrange your fish in a place and pour the black pepper sauce to the fish. Wala!
* itu green vege untuk bunga-bunga bai tu!

Try tau! Any fish will do bah...

Monday, January 11, 2010

The kasian Hayden

"Den, (pronounce dane.)pukul 7 suda, tingu pencil box." <--bahasa tu bah
"ok..." keci suda suara dia.
"pencil 3"
"pembaris mana?"
"Situ" pointing at his study table then buat muka 10sin.
"Ambil" then cari-cari la kono atas table dia.
"Mana?""ah,ah" giling kapala
"pemadam mana?" giling kapala.
"ambil hanger" *piak* tapak tangan X3
"Nah, kalau bisuk hilang lagi, 5X satu tangan.tau?" merah mata tahan nangis.
"Ada homework?" giling kapala.
"Tingu beg?"
"OMG, napa tulis gini?"
"Buat balik, macam ni sampai habis"

Brutal kan me.

If not, i have to buy set stationary, DAILY.
You have a better idea? Suggest to me.

Juara Lagu 24

I've just finished watching AJL-24. So happening i must say! I don't know who and who's the performer at first, but ya, just because excited to watch Stacy's performance (which i heard from the radio ).

Live telecast, with the ON & OFF sound. I thought it was our tv problem at first. Can somebody explain ?

Then, guess what, i watched till the end of the show! (coz most of the time whenever watching tv, Tv watch me. ha!)

Then while watching the show, i was

"ooo...dia pula yang nyanyi ni..."
"aii buruknya dia nyanyi live"
"geezzzz pakai tudung pula si Yuna ni" I like her song but never seen the singer(sot kan)
"uiiyooo hebat"
"macam Micheal Jackson oo, tapi napa tu nokimpo?"
"Aiyooo pitching lari la kawan"
"aiyaaa, the big screen bg kacau la, cannot see"

....hahaha! i wish i have somebody to talk to on that time! :D

Anyway, congrats to the winner.

Aizat, Yuna, Faizal, Black and Aizat (again) See more info HERE.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry folk..

i was playing the html thing again, and see la what happen, i lost all my blog link. Haiyya have to start all over again.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

"Wishing you gifts that will last forever on your birthday."

ps :..stil, you're older than me! :P hehehe

Me, Hub & Kids ;)

photos taken before Christ Mass on Christmas Day 2009.

Love Peace. Always.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Asam Manis Pahit = Semua ramuan ada. Cukup Rasa.... :P

Today, 4th January 2010.

1. Wake up and get ready for the kids. I'm nervous. Hayden darjah SATU. (SK Mutiara, Lintas) Means,I'm getting older ...errr matured la konon. Furthermore, he can't sleep, and keep saying, "takut o mama.."

2. On the way, We have to send Hansel first. Likas.Primary 6. (Lagilah tambah old ME.. :P)

3. Traffic Jammed. Teruk. Macam di Manila. Sittttttt!

4. Have to send my neighbour's daughter oso in Likas, okayla no prob. Coz in SMKP. Send via complex sukan then.

5. Send her, send Hansel then Hayden. Thats the plan la kono.

6. After send her, the traffic didn't move, a BIT!! arghhhh!! 7:15am.

7. " Toi,(Hansel) no need la u go to school ya, we're late to send Hayden." "OK!!" Ya. With his big grin. Happy maa tia pi sikul.

8. We turn, jalan short cut, Jln Fui Yi Ting (maybe la tu).

9. Arrived. Alamak...no parking lagi. Hubby driving, so just drop us at the gate. Wahhh crowded, parents everywhere...(byk juga yg lambat bah) Looking for Hayden's class. Send over to assembly. bla..bla..bla.. I left. Pigi kerja bah...
(i'm feel so guilty for not being able to send Hayden to same school with Hansel.)

10. Arrived office with a big smile to my colleague.

"Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year...Nah, got ;bom'  atas your meja." Ceyyy sittt!!. aduiii What a day.

I read the report and it was a longgggg report. Thats mean something "bad" ter-happen la. ee Tia buli jadi ni...but i promised today cannot marah-marah.

Keep cool bebeh! ;)

11. "Bah let's open this hamper!! (our office got big (ya i guess, coz from Tong Hing) hamper from someone so nice, not open since 20th Dec, coz everyone was so busy.

So, everybody got poison by me, also buang all their kerja. Ambil gelas, drink the sparkling wine. ha ha! everybody rusak mood suda.

Toast !!

" For our tsunami going to be today!"
" Ya, ya me too. Tatap kana bom ni hari!"
" For me, yang suda kana bom last night"
" hopefully i get gula supply today" <---cey ...="" br="">" For Dolly! Her birthday today!!!" *grin*(geezzz thanks. Someone remember my bday)
" Ya ka? Tingu IC?" (:P)
" Hantam ja la"
" Apa-apa saja, janji selamat!"
" Cheerrssss!!! hohoho ........

the rest you know la. Meeting...kurik-kurik...cuci-cuci..minta-minta...advise-advise. Then story became big....and so not true already. ...

the end of the day. I'm so tired. 12. Back home, happy to see my cupcake (that got my name on it) not been eaten. Nasib!

Anyway, Thanks to everyone for the wishes (smses, email, msg in FB, phone call, etc.! THANK YOUUUUU!! LOVE YOU ALL & GOD BLESS TO YOU ALL TOO!;)

Thanks to K Aja for belanja me & family lunch t
oday! Love ya!

kiut kan my cupcake.hehehe parasan. I did it yesterday.
The whole.....Sunday.
JUst fo ME!


my fav design. U love me? U love me not?U love me? U love me not?U love me? U love me not?U love me? U love me not?............

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Rendezvous

Celebrating New Year in Kundasang was awesome!. No karaoke but we still can sing and our fav was "tontok tinan". Over and over again. Thousand apology to our neighbor ;).

Some photo to share.

Baby Addele. Cute....

The best thing for having a tripod is to have me in this photo. ;)

My hubby took this. On the way to Mesilau. Kundasang 4wd challenge.

OMG! tekejut beruk me when i download this photos. If jatuh...haiyaa. (hubby took this)

A must!! BBQ !!

Our annual activities. Changing gift.

New Year Sunrise!!!!!!

The kids

Sempat shot model! ;)
Can view more @my flickr page.

My final click on the way back to KK.