Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Obamas

My last year resolution on new year day  is to read at least 1 book  a month but I short 2 books at  end of the year. Hah! But i am proud at least finished 10 books in a year.  ~ I guess smart phone and social media distraction is very much to blame. Heee..   I mean real book not e book ya.

But anyway I enjoy reading this, coz I’ve been reading few books about Michelle year before. Its all about powerful partnership  and how their marriage work while living in the spotlight. And also, it is interesting to know how they adjust their marriage and how difficult it was for Michelle to adjust life in the White House which certainly doesn't sound like an easy position, even with all luxuries she has.

But the real truth, I barely able put this book down during my reading. hoho 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

It has been a very  busy  for the  past 2 weeks before year ending, busy shopping for Christmas, back-to-school, year-end wedding and our family annual New Year celebration.  Apart from my busyness, my home internet connection has been down since Christmas eve and I have to depend on my internet mobile data for my laptop. Hikss! Sakitnya tuh disini. (i guess i missed to reply some of your Christmas and New Year wish. Thousand apology.)  and yup, been complaining ever since but it seems that everybody are already in holiday mood. I don’t blame them tho’, coz everybody deserve  a holiday feeling..  kan,kan, kan

Anyway, I hope that 2016’s memories will give us more strength and  courage to face the brand new year and lead to triumph. Wise man said, only YOU and your  hard work will make your dreams come true. Betul, dari kauuu saja bai tu!

So let us adjust the sail, hoist the color and hey-hoooo!!  Cheers to New Year !! *gugu galas*

Dolly MJ

a pose before going church

gathering at cousin's house.  spot me. hahah

during our gift hunting, saw a lot these.. beautiful decoration everywhere. 

selfie itu harus! :D


on her wedding. 30th December 2016

siblings and cousins

the complete 8. with my beloved brothers and sisters 

to end the year. our family annual celebration on new year's eve.
as usual, the kids gets many present. and next year tambah orang tambah gift juga, hehe main siok

psssttt.. I only manage to get 10/12 monthly book reading challenge this year. Akan berusaha lagi di tahun 2017. Semoga berhasil.