Thursday, July 14, 2016

Friendship remain and never can end

Our story began during our teenage years while both of us taking a short course after SPM . Although it was a short course but somehow we manage to bond together, finding food, sharing stories, experience, family, about anything. and the most common thing we do is laughing. I guess that is why we always booked the last seat in the classroom haha!  and i'm soooo glad that i did capture some of the moment too. ya, i started taking photos since i was in primary school.

At the end of our course however, we go our own way and never again met.

...until last month when my eldest son enroll for pre-u preparatory programme where he begin his college life staying in hostel in Labuan Island. Being a mom, i am so worried for he never stay outside home (and away) more than a week and too many question in my head. But  i am lucky and  blessed with other parents who share their experience on growing kids especially during this stage. very much helping. When I state my worried about it to my cousin,  she suggested me to join the church programme on foster family in Labuan and gave me Pam's number. I don't know who she is, but it suddenly trigger my memory on her (yes.true. so many people name 'Pam'). fast forward. Yup ia was right. what a small world.

and we manage to reunite during Hari Raya Holidays.

flashback.  back seat :D

p/s : hoping for  more coffee session in future. ;)