Friday, August 23, 2013

Routine - Cooking

Ya... i think i've been watching food channel too much. and fall in love with AFC Best Wan recipe.

While preparing the food
Hayden :  Mama, mama masak apa?
Mama : Masak ayam masak merah, macam Chef Wan punya di AFC. (kirayou la bah kunun)
Hayden : Ooo.. di kantin Den pun ada jual bah..
Mama : tia sedap tu kan.. (hehe)
Hayden : Sedap bah.. (alamak)

Ok masak kasi sadap-sadap la. & follow butul2 the instruction. trus...

ok ok, i took this photo using hp only, too hungry gia...
But anyway, lot of things to prepare, but it worth.

Mama : Den, sedap ka dari kantin Den?
Hayden: Sedap... yang di kantin sedap juga tapi punya lain rasa dan pedas.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Luck me.

Microstock Phototography newbie. 
I have no idea about this. just wait and see if i can make money out of it.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Janji Ditepati

*continuation from previous post

So, last Saturday i successfully bake this.

Children are smart. They have a good memory as regards to promises you make to them and it is better not to promise anything at all if you cannot keep that promise. Making promises is something we adult to consider and of course  I want my child to keep his word too.

But, if you look closely my conversation with Hayden, i think i didn't make any promise. I just "thinking of ..doing it"  :P   (* haha mana mau akun)

*can't wait for raya seeing this rainbow cake.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

vs Hayden

While watching Masterchef Australia (cake episode) last night.

Mama : hmmm.. bagus mama buat rainbow cake bisuk kan Den...
Hayden : Selalu pun mama cakap. Nanti bisuk mama hangat-hangat tai ayam saja tu...
Mama : *buat muka poyo*

Background : Hansel berabis tahan ketawa.

ni kali la kau sana rainbow cake!